Borehole pumps

Our team at HD Technical services has decades of experience in the selection and design of borehole pumps and deep pump systems. When choosing the right equipment, the situation needs to be considered at any given time, including, depth down to the water level, requests for performance, temperature of the liquid, the material content of the liquid and other factors. HD offers axle pumps that have shown themselves and proved to be the most reliable borehole pumps available for e.g.m. hot water. Over 120 HD line-shaft pump systems are in daily operation in Iceland. We also offer integrated juvenile pumps for hot and cold water and geothermal water. We provide a broad scale of integrated pumps suitable for smaller utilities to high-voltage pumps with excellent efficiency and almost unlimited depth potential.


Óskar Ólafur Hauksson
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Hlynur Snær Sæmundsson
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