Völuteigur 31, 270 Mosfellsbær

The operations in Mosfellsbær have grown rapidly after moving to the current facilities in 2020. At HD’s workshop in Mosfellsbær we work on maintenance of deep drilling equipment for utilities companies. Work connected with building stainless steel pipes is also a large part of the operations. The welding processes that we follow are certified. We have built up extensive knowhow of repairs of geothermal steam rotors and generators for power plants. The repair shop offers efficient technical services, and its team is capable of carrying out condition analysis and continuous surveillance of mechanical equipment.

With the new facilities, the workstation has in fact become a service centre for power plants and utilities companies in Iceland.

Emphasis is placed on green energy, on which the workstation’s employees have acquired specialised knowledge. Our customers operate utilities companies, geothermal power plants, hydropower plants, sewerages and CO2 capturing plants. We emphasise offering our customers all-round solutions regarding machinery and technology, along with a diverse product selection of imported machinery. The selection has increased in recent years in line with increased specialised knowledge of the operations of power plants and utilities companies. Below you can see the main service categories at HD in Mosfellsbær. You can find more information about the products in the menu.

The technical equipment sales division and repair shop are open:

Mondays–Thursdays, 8:15 am–4:15 pm

Fridays, 8:15–3:15 pm


Aneta Basalaj
Verkefnastjóri leiðiskóflur
Árni Jakob Ólafsson
Project manager
Árni Rafn Jakobsson
Verkefnastjóri fiskeldi
Árni Stefánsson
Project manager, boreholepumps
Baldvin Agnarsson
Björgvin Karlssson
Specialist, condition analysis
Brynjar Pétursson
CO2 project operations
Brynjólfur Árni Gunnarsson
Project manager
Daníel Rúnarsson
Project manager
Helgi Gústafsson
Project manager, pumps
Hlynur Snær Sæmundsson
Tæknimaður fiskeldissviði
Illugi Njálsson
3D scanning
Jóhannes Steinar Kristjánsson
Service manager
Kristinn Björgvinsson
Project manager
Lára Nanna Eggertsdóttir
Aðstoðarmaður deildarstjóra
Lýður Skúlason
Head of department, Mosfellsbær
Óskar Ólafur Hauksson
Head of department, Reykjavík
Róbert Svansson
Sérfræðingur í ástandsgreiningum
Þór Daníel Hammer Ólafsson
Technical sales, pumps

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