HD has always had a strong connection to Icelandic fisheries. The fishing fleet has undergone a major renovation in recent years and with increased technological advancements, the focus is on maintenance services of a wider range than before. As ever, the service needs to be well prepared for each of the geographical and available both spare parts and HD personnel so that short stops are well utilized for maintenance and repair. HD has for many years serviced the fish meal industry through the design, steelmaking and installation of equipment and the provision of spare parts, among other things, from Haarslev, Denmark. HD in collaboration with Haarslev offers equipment for fish meal production, whether in ships or traditional land-based processing. Our facilities in Kópavogur, Vatnagarðar in Reykjavík, Akureyri and Eskifjörður have supported the fishing industry in Iceland for years with maintenance services and spare parts. A range of services and product categories can be seen in more detail below.




Fishmeal equipment

Motor and bearing current protection

Electrical motors


Elvar Örn Svavarsson
Head of department, Kópavogur
Gísli Arnar Guðmundsson
Condition analysis
Vignir Logi Ármannsson
Head of department Akureyri
Ormur H. Sverrisson
Project manager, hydraulic cylinders
Jóhannes Miller
Project manager, lathe & milling
Þorleifur Halldórsson
Project manager, ships

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