Technical services

HD has extensive technological know-how in the fields of metal industry and machinery, and services all industrial fields. HD has specialised technological know-how of borehole pumps and calculations for the necessary equipment. HD has experience and qualified employees with unique knowledge of design and preparations for the maintenance of generators in geothermal power plants.

Technical services manager
Arnar Guðni Guðmundsson
M: +354 660 3616

CAD design

Design and drawing work supports all the services provided by the company and the great knowledge at hand guarantees that customers receive the best solutions and methods possible.

HD also offers design and drawing projects directly to customers and cooperate closely with them.

Technical consulting

Extensive knowledge and experience of all fields concerning metal industry and machinery guarantees professional consulting and the best possible solutions at each given time, from an idea to a practical solution.

Providing materials and searching for information

HD possesses cutting machines, saws, and other equipment for providing tailormade materials for steel workshops and construction industries. Drawings can be on paper or computerized form, and we then prepare data for our automated machines.

HD's network is large and we have access to material information for metallurgy and the provision of machinery and spare parts.

Space scanning

The latest technology in 3D scanning provides perfect images of the spaces inside buildings, factories, fishing ships and other spaces and create three-dimensional images which can be explored without being on location. It is possible to process the images further and work on them in design programmes.

3D scanning

At HD we have a 3D scanner from Creaform which we use as part of our service to customers. The scanning has an accuracy of 0,02 mm and takes 1,3 million measurements per second. It is very easy to scan irregular objects and the scanning itself does not take a long time. A solid model can be constructed based on the scan which can be used for drawings or production of spare parts. The scanner can also compare two parts and detect discrepancies with great accuracy.

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