Condition analysis

Hardware condition analysis is the factor in maintenance that has been in great development in recent years. With faster processing of data (IoT) and more continuous development, there have been opportunities for continuous monitoring of hardware where the fault times can be monitored in machine sets such as:

-Imbalance in machines
-Bearings malfunctions
-Problems in foundations/structural structures/hardware
-Restore misalignment
-Resonance and natural frequencies
-Electrical faults in motors
-Curved axel in machines
-Gearbox failure
-Cavitation in pumps
-Critical speed in machines

Regular monitoring along with continuous monitoring creates the possibility of responding and taking measures before failures lead to production damage. As a result, the operator has time to plan the maintenance stop.

HD also offers periodic vibration measurements along with an online vibration monitoring device that sends out warnings in case of changes in individual frequencies from the machine complex. Customers can have such equipment installed for short or long periods of time, depending on the needs and reasons at any given time

Along with the above, the HD condition monitoring team, has equipment for thermal imaging, as well as ultrasound measuring equipment that can be used, among other things, to detect air leakage in factories, to hear bearing sounds, i.e. sounds at a higher frequency than the ear can detect.

Below you can see examples of the services HD offers to its customers regarding conditional analysis and continuous monitoring.

Contact for condition analysis
Gísli Arnar Guðmundsson
M: +354 844 0313

Thermal imaging

A thermal imaging camera measures and shows radiation from the surface of components. The machine gives a straightforward picture of the situation, but it should be noted that the radiation from the intervention can be misleading, for example, it is not possible to take pictures of electrical equipment through glass because you only take a picture of radiation on the surface of the glass, and not of the electrical equipment.

Using thermal imaging has a variety of values. It is possible to see and evaluate if there is abnormal radiation. Heat generation can give a appropriate view of electrical equipment such as motor connections, switches, connecting cabinets, etc. Also, the machine can be useful for hardware inspection, as increased radiation can be caused by friction, damage to components and more.

HD employees are certified in category 1 and 2 in Thermography.

Vibration measurements

Vibration measurements are used to detect the condition of the hardware. All data collected from the vibration meter goes directly to software where it is analyzed further. The person carrying out the analysis can see if known fault frequencies are increasing and consequently need to isolate the failure further, e.g. if the failure rate from the external bearing ban has become predominant, etc. Against performing vibration measurements well, the probability is high that it can be intervened before the equipment operator suffers significant damage.

A chose can be made to take vibration measurements at regular intervals or install a vibration monitoring device that is online i.e. ever-monitoring equipment.

HD employees are certified according to ISO 18436-2 in Vibration Analysis

Metal elemental analysis

HD has chemical analysis tool for analysing metals. The tool utilises LIBS technology and is capable of analysing the following metals: C, Al, Si, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Nb, Mo, W (carbon, aluminium, silicon, titanium, vanadium, chrome, manganese, cobalt, nickel, copper, niobium, molybdenum, wolfram).

The metal chemical analysis is useful for:

  • Confirming a metal type for a retroactive design
  • Confirming the chemical certificate for metals
  • Quality control, for example to confirm types of metals provided by suppliers
  • For decision-making on the choice of welding process and welding wire


Illugi Njálsson  
M: +354 867 0636

Continuous monitoring of machinery

Online vibration observation is a type of condition monitoring where acceleration sensors are placed on mechanical equipment so that changes can be detected, and information delivered of possible wearing of parts in an efficient manner. Information on vibration and temperature of machines is collected real time using the latest IoT digital technology. Full access to the recorded data is provided by password, real time monitoring and the monitoring history from when the equipment was established.

High frequency sound test

Airborne Ultrasound is a good way to listen at very high frequencies. Listening to the upper frequencies can be very useful. For example, the first stages of bearing failure always result in high frequencies. In addition, airborne ultrasound can be used to hear vaccum and air leakage in noisy engine halls. It also is worth mentioning that cavitation can be detected in pumps and in drainage pipes from hydroelectric power plants.

HD employees are certified in airborne ultrasound, level 1 and 2

3D Scanning

At HD we use our 3D scanner as part of our service to customers. The scanning has an accuracy of 0,02 mm and records 1.3 million scans per second. It is very easy to scan irregular objects and the scanning itself does not take a long time. A solid model can be constructed based on the scan which can be used for drawings or production of spare parts. The scanner can also compare two parts and detect discrepancies with great accuracy.


Illugi Njálsson  
M: +354 867 0636

Ástandsgreining vélbúnaðar

Artesis er leiðandi fyrirtæki í ástandsgreiningu á vélbúnaði.
Artesis hefur þróað lausn sem getur mælt heilsu vélbúnaðar með því að mæla raforku sem rafmótor notar eða rafala býr til.
Helsti kostur er að engin þörf að hafa mannskap í vöktun þar sem mælabúnaðurinn lærir hegðun vélbúnaðar og ef upp kemur afbrigði í vélbúnaði bendir tækið á hvar og hvað skal athuga sérstaklega.
Fleiri kostir eru: mæla orkusóun vegna bilunar (t.d. ójafnvægi skapar aukna orkunotkun sem eykur rekstrarkostnað vélbúnaðar)

Róbert Svansson
S:864 5441 

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