Power plant turbines & generators

Since 2012, HD has worked on the development and expansion of knowledge in Iceland in connection with maintenance and repair of the steam turbines for geothermal power plants. As the knowledge and experience has grown, the projects have become more extensive.

HD offers its customers all-round consulting and service in machine renovation and condition analysis and can also offer consulting regarding evaluation of the repair requirements of geothermal steam turbines and of its parts. HD has also taken part in the inspection and repairs of the generators of power plants, among other things, the reconstruction of generator anchors. HD has established technical cooperation with various foreign parties when it comes to condition analysis, malfunction analysis and estimated repair requirements of geothermal steam turbines and generators. We also provide the spare parts necessary for the repairs, including turbine blades, turbine diaphragm and gland seals along with necessary repair materials for generator repairs.

Turbines & generators at HD
Lýður Skúlason
M: 664 9989

Available services

  • Design of systems and task management
  • Turbine overhauls
  • Generator overhauls and repairs
  • Turbine rotor repairs
  • Turbine diaphragm overhauls
  • Turbine casing repairs
  • Repairs of valves and valve actuators
  • Pump repairs (surface pumps)
  • Pipeline construction
  • Supplying spare parts for power plant machinery

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