HD aims to provide its customers with premium services. Our customers have different needs as well as being located in many parts of the country. In order to meet the customer's requirements, we have an extensive service network, and flexibility is one of the things HD wants to be known for. We offer our customer:

HD’s pump service has been used in Iceland for 27 years. HD has supplied pump solutions for utilities companies around the country and been involved in projects from A to Z. Utilities companies count on us because they know we deliver professional work methods, excellent service and extensive knowledge.

The HD lathe and milling workshop is one of iceland's most powerful lathe and milling workshops, specially equipped for service repair and new construction of individual spare parts. It has both CNC milling machines and lathes, as well as conventional machines that can be used to repair hardware.

HD services in stainless steel piping have been growing for both power plants and utility companies as well as food manufacturers. HD has a team of certified welders for TIG-MIG/MAG welding as well as utilizing specialized welding robots for different tubes that greatly enhance the performance. Stainless steel welding in piping is made with a back-gas method provided into the pipe as it is welded ensuring an even and smooth surface on the seam.

Safety and quality demands concern many things. Various institutions are responsible for different kinds of surveillance but in the last few years it has become more common that independent parties take over this role. Legal changes, the environment for competition and the demand on an independent, efficient surveillance calls for new work methods and new technology.

Most of our establishments have facilities for servicing hydraulic cylinders, however, our office in Kópavogur has a specialized hydraulic cylinder workshop. It combines a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in new construction, redesign, reconstruction, and maintenance of hydraulic cylinder as well as pneumatic cylinder. The experience of the company's employees is the key to our customers getting the product they need. This knowledge and experience is crucial in material selection such as heat-resistant capacitors and forging materials used. HD has serviced hydraulic cylinders for the Icelandic fishing fleet, heavy industry, the transport sector, and food industry for years.

Condition analysis is the aspect of maintenance operations that has been in great development in recent years. With high speed internet (IoT) and the development of measuring equipment this has created opportunities for continuous monitoring of hardware where it is possible to monitor factors such as flow, power consumption and vibration in equipment that can give indications of declining efficiency and measures can be taken before the equipment malfunctions and causes damage due to downtime or the like.

One of the foundations of HD is steel work and there is a lot of experience and knowledge present at HD in traditional steel work. HD can provide all services in steel work at the company's workshops located in Grundartanda, Akureyri, Eskifjörður and Kópavogur. Hd's workshop in Kópavogur has high ceilings and is specially equipped for plate construction.

HD has built up specialised technological know-how and has specialised equipment, a 3D scanner, for estimating the condition of older machine parts and determining whether they are damaged and must be replaced. Customers have often requested that we produce the new part from a more wear-resistant material than the original part was made of. That way, the wear-resistance of machines can be increased and thus their lifetime.

HD has extensive technological know-how in the fields of metal industry and machinery, and services all industrial fields. HD has specialised technological know-how of borehole pumps and calculations for the necessary equipment. HD has experience and qualified employees with unique knowledge of design and preparations for the maintenance of generators in geothermal power plants.

Since 2012, HD has worked on the development and expansion of knowledge in Iceland in connection with maintenance and repair of the steam turbines for geothermal power plants. As the knowledge and experience has grown, the projects have become more extensive.
HD offers customers service agreements in connection with operations, machine maintenance, monitoring, and continuous monitoring with mechanical hardware. The contracts are step-by-step and are structured with respect to the needs and maintenance policies of each customer.

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