The company's product range has increased over time, reflecting well customers' demands for complete solutions from design to startup of equipment from the same service company. In doing so, one party is responsible for the project as a whole. After the equipment is operational, HD then offers maintenance services and provision of spare parts, thereby following the product while it is in operation with customers.

HD suppliers include Denmark, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, USA, and other countries. Below you can see the list of the main product categories offered by HD.

HD offers services and maintenance of girder cranes, as well as installation.
Pumping equipment can be found in most industrial sectors of the population. HD technicians and craftsmen who have extensive knowledge and experience in the design, construction, and service of pumping solutions. Liquids often have a different chemical composition, and the viscosity of the liquid affects the choice of pumping equipment as well as the liquid temperature including the debris content of the liquid which can cause corrosion of pumping equipment. In order to meet a wide range of customer requirements, we offer pumps of various sizes, features and material composition. Pumping equipment HD offers is used daily to transport fish products, geothermal fluids, fuels and drinking water, and performs important tasks in national sewerage, to name a few. Below you can see the pump types that HD offers to its customers around the country.
HD has available chemical products for lubricating work and material for repairs
HD has always had a strong connection to Icelandic fisheries and has serviced the fish meal industry through consulting and steelmaking, as well as sales, installation, and maintenance of equipment. To increase services to the fishmeal industry, we have partnered with Haarslev, the world's leading company with equipment for fish meal processing and rendering. HD can, in partnership with Haarslev, offer equipment for meal production, whether in ships or traditional land-based factory. We offer both a complete solution by ship or on land, as well as offering individual equipment. Flexibility and good supply of high-quality products are beacons of HD, a service to our customers.
HD imports and sells electrically driven actuators and a wide range of valves for Icelandic industry. Below is a small fraction of the selection. Please contact our technical sales team to learn more about the choice of equipment for your business.
Often a span voltage is formed in the rotor motors and generators, if the voltage becomes so high that it starts to go through bearings, it causes burns and damage to bearings. By using AEGIS motor protection, all unwanted transformers are released from the motor, thereby protecting bearings from damage caused by excessive electrical charging.
HD can provide electric motors from well-known manufacturers
HD offers the design, consulting, equipment, installation, and maintenance of oxygen production equipment. The technique used is pressure swing adsorption, (PSA).
HD hefur útvegað viðskiptavinum sínum hágæða varahluti í flestan búnað alla tíð. Hvort sem það eru varahlutir í búnað sem við útvegum eða annan þá þjónustum við allan búnað og finnum lausnir með okkar viðskiptavinum. Oft þegar varahluturinn er ekki til, þrívíddar skannað, efnagreint og notast við afturvirka hönnun til að sérsmíða varahluti.

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