Health & safety policy HD

  • Safety is at our hearts and we define safety as physical security, operational security, information security and emotional security – security is for all of us.
  • Safety is a source of operational efficiency, and we contribute to our employees having a high level of safety awareness.
  • We intend to become an accident-free company and we use a culture of continuous reform as a means to that end. We want to have a safe working environment and work placement, and with continuous improvement, we are constantly making our working environment better and safer.
  • We help each other build a culture of security and guide each other when things can be better. All employees should adopt the attitude of speaking out and raise awareness when things could be improved in security matters.
  • We work with contractors, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to create a safe working environment and we are united to ensure the safety of everyone involved in our projects. We respect other people's safety regulations, but if our rules go further, we always follow them and recommend that others do too – we never give a discount to our safety requirements.
  • We often work in hazardous areas, but we return home safely despite this, and although things may go wrong at a workplace where we carry out project risk assessments before they start.
  • We provide all the equipment necessary to ensure the safety of our employees. Staff are jointly responsible for using such equipment (helmets, safety glasses, safety shoes, markings, etc.) and ensuring that we all do.
  • General conduct is an important safety issue, when we leave a workplace we do in such a manner that we would like to come to the day after. This applies equally to workshop conduct and conduct in computer systems.
  • Our goal is to build an effective health & safety system where we inspect our workspaces and make visits to each other’s workspaces and help build and develop a strong safety culture.
  • Every employee has the right to return home safely. This applies every day to all work within the business, we do not want any harm or damage, physical or mentally to any of our employees.





Quality policy HD

  • We intend to be at the forefront in terms of quality issues and we know that better quality and no disadvantages mean less overall costs.
  • Quality contributes not just to our better operations but also to the better operation of our customers.
  • 100% quality and no disadvantages are one of the prerequisites for the business and we achieve that only by building a culture of continuous improvement.
  • We do well and do not undertake tasks that cannot be performed professionally in the highest quality and safely. We guarantee to customers that all our work is in accordance with the highest quality standards.
  • We have no tolerance for half measures
    or unscrupulous work. We never do a job we're not proud of. Nothing leaves us unchecked, and we'll do the work again or use more time to fix what potentially goes wrong.
  • We place great emphasis on cultivating a quality culture among all employees and never discount quality. We build an active quality system where standardization is targeted and in continuous development.
  • With a culture of continuous improvement, we harness the ingenuity of all our employees and thus constantly find ways to deliver even better work.
  • We are committed to doing things right on the first attempt and never forward problems in our value chain. Quality applies not just to manufacturing or work site procedures, but to everything we do everywhere in the workforce.
  • All employees are responsible for quality issues, the preparation of quality objectives and quality standards. Excellent quality is available exclusively through the synchronized minds of the entire team.
  • Each team and each business unit within the operation has the goal of being flawless, thereby achieving efficiency that gives a competitive advantage.



Gender equality policy

  • All jobs within the company are important and we have equal respect for all jobs.
  • All employees have an equal right to grow in their work. We offer the same terms for the same work regardless of gender, ethnicity, color, religion and/or opinions.
  • Gender-based violence, bullying and any form of crude conduct do not belong in our company. We do not tolerate a culture that belittles or ridicules gender, appearance, sexual behavior, religion, or beliefs.
  • There is room for everyone at HD and we show different needs a lot of understanding. We encourage everyone to apply for a job with us.
  • We see great opportunities in increasing women's participation in industrial and technological work, and increased participation of women will strengthen our competitive position into the future.
  • Our employees have equal access to career opportunities and career development within the company.
  • Any form of inequality or injustice has no place in our company. We treat each other the way we want to be treated ourselves.
  • Our management is forthright, and we provide honest feedback to employees, which we do in a positive and constructive way.
  • Our equality policy applies to all of us but also for our interactions with contractors, partners, suppliers, and customers.

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