Lathe and milling

The HD lathe and milling workshop is one of iceland's most powerful lathe and milling workshops, specially equipped for service repair and new construction of individual spare parts. It has both CNC milling machines and lathes, as well as conventional machines that can be used to repair hardware.

Below you can see an example of the services offered by HD’s lathe and milling workshop in Kópavogur. The lathe and milling workshop serve the Icelandic fishing fleet, heavy industry, food industry, as well as individuals and smaller companies.

Lathe and milling project manager
Jóhannes Miller
M: +354 660 3639

CNC lathe

Við höfum yfir að ráða nýjustu tækni í rennibekkjum af breiðri línu, og getum þjónustað flest af því sem þarf að gera með rennibekkjum

CNC milling

The company’s latest CNC milling machine has a stroke of 2x1 m which is convenient for larger projects and mass production.

Line boring

We can weld and mill holes into right measurements and level out surfaces at construction site when it is not convenient take projects into the workshop.

What are you looking for?

HD notar vefkökur m.a. til að bæta upplifun og greina umferð um vefinn.