Valves & actuators

HD imports and sells electrically driven actuators and a wide range of valves for Icelandic industry. Below is a small fraction of the selection. Please contact our technical sales team to learn more about the choice of equipment for your business.

HD can provide, install and service electrically driven actuators in collaboration with AUMA Scandinavia.
HD is partnering with AUMA Scandinavia with maintenance services on AUMA electrically driven actuators.

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Hlynur Snær Sæmundsson
Tæknimaður fiskeldissviði

HD is a distributer for a wide range of valves from Askalon in Denmark. Askalon is a provider of a large group of valves, including VAF and Vanessa.

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HD notar vefkökur m.a. til að bæta upplifun og greina umferð um vefinn.