Vesturvör 36, 200 Kópavogur

The company's establishment in Kópavogur is one of Iceland’s most powerful service workshops in the field of metal technology industry. The workshop is divided into two main fields, steel technology division and machinery field. Engineers and technical engineers are available at the facility which allows us to provide technical support to our customers. In support of technicians in the department, the company has equipment such as 3D Scanner, 3D space camera, Metal materials analyzers and equipment for conditional diagnostics, vibration measurements and much more.

The steel technology division is well equipped to handle all design and construction of steel structures and steel plate construction, including computerized cutting machines for steel plates. The workshop is equipped with powerful overhead cranes, making work on the installation of large machine parts both safe and economical.

The machine technology division is divided into a machine workshop, lathe workshop and hydraulic cylinder workshop.

The machine workshop services the fishing industry and heavy industry. The workshop offers overhaul of machines, repair of pumps, gears and other machinery. The equipment is constantly being reviewed and renewed.

Hydraulic cylinder workshop While most of our establishments have facilities to service hydraulic cylinders, our office in Kópavogur has a specialized hydraulic cylinder workshop. It combines years of employee’s knowledge and experience in new construction, redesign, reconstruction, and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders as well as air cylinders. The experience of the company's employees is the key to our customers getting the product they need. This knowledge and experience are crucial in material selection such as heat-resistant capacitors and forging materials used. HD has serviced hydraulic cylinders for the Icelandic the fleet of fishing vessels, heavy industry, the transport sector, and the food industry for many years.

Lathe and millingLast but not least, HD has one of the country’s best latheand milling workshops which is specially equipped for service repairs and making new spare parts. It has CNC milling machines and lathes, along with traditional equipment used for repairing machinery.

Below you can see examples of the service provided by HD in Kópavogur. Information on products can be found in the menu.

Opening hours:

Mondays–Fridays, 7:30 am–4:15 pm.


Elvar Örn Svavarsson
Head of department, Kópavogur
Helgi Magnús Valdimarsson
Technical services
Hlynur Snær Sæmundsson
Sviðstjóri fiskeldissviðs
Jóhannes Miller
Project manager, lathe & milling
Kristinn Haraldur Guðlaugsson
Project manager ISAL
Ólafur Kolbeinsson
Technical services
Ormur H. Sverrisson
Project manager, hydraulic cylinders
Þorleifur Halldórsson
Project manager, ships

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