Steel work

One of the foundations of HD is steel work and there is a lot of experience and knowledge present at HD in traditional steel work. HD can provide all services in steel work at the company's workshops located in Grundartanda, Akureyri, Eskifjörður and Kópavogur. Hd's workshop in Kópavogur has high ceilings and is specially equipped for plate construction.

Divisional manager at Kópavogur
Elvar Örn Svavarsson 
M: +354 660 3638

Divisional manager at Grundartangi
Páll Indriði Pálsson 
M: +354 660 3648

Divisional manager at Akureyri
Vignir Logi Ármannsson 
M: +354 660 3618

Divisional manager at Eskifjörður
Njáll Andersen 
M: 663 1379

Tank construction

Construction of steel tanks is one of the specialties of our service. Tank construction has long been a powerful part of the business and the company has specialized equipment such as tank jacks that allow us to build tanks on site with great safety. Our metal welders are certified in welding processes for tank construction.

HD is undertakes the repairing as well as building new tanks for raw materials, fish oil and fuel oil.

Plasma og waterjet cutting, bending and rolling steel

HD has two computer-controlled waterjet cutting machines in use, in Kópavogur and Mosfellsbær. We also offer high quality plasma and gas cutting machines in Kópavogur and Eskifjörður. Equipment for cutting, bending and rolling steel is available at most of our establishments.

Repairs of heavy machinery

We have a long experience of maintaining container wagons, both the framework and lift equipment.

Certified welders

We are fortunate to have certified welders at our workstations who are qualified for carrying out most types of welding.

Repairs and maintenance of vessels

One of our specialties is repairs and maintenance of vessels for Icelandic fishing companies and ship owners. Our technicians, machinists and welders make sure that repairs, renovations and maintenance of steel and machinery are carried out as carefully and efficiently as possible for our customers.

Production of CE labelled products

HD produces CE labelled products.

Erecting steel constructions

HD has everything that is needed for erecting steel constructions, whether they are constructed at our workstations or elsewhere.

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