Hydraulic cylinder workshop

Most of our establishments have facilities for servicing hydraulic cylinders, however, our office in Kópavogur has a specialized hydraulic cylinder workshop. It combines a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in new construction, redesign, reconstruction, and maintenance of hydraulic cylinder as well as pneumatic cylinder. The experience of the company's employees is the key to our customers getting the product they need. This knowledge and experience is crucial in material selection such as heat-resistant capacitors and forging materials used. HD has serviced hydraulic cylinders for the Icelandic fishing fleet, heavy industry, the transport sector, and food industry for years.

Project manager, hydraulic cylinders.
Ormur H. Sverrisson
M: +354 660 3630

New hydraulic cylinders

HD has great flexibility in custom-making new hydraulic cylinders. We can build cylinders of various sizes for various purposes. 

Pressure testing of hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic cylinder workshop is equipped with a specialized hydraulic cylinder bench for disassembling and assembling of hydraulic cylinders. The bench is equipped for pressure and load testing, all jacks that leave HD are load and pressure tested before delivery.

Repairing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

HD’s hydraulic cylinder repair shop takes care of the overhaul of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, as well as designing and building new cylinders. The repair shop has the most common parts and seals on stock. The repair shop’s employees also make special orders for parts for all types of cylinders. The lathe and milling workshop is operated alongside the cylinder repair shop and is well equipped with new machinery and employees with extensive knowledge and experience.

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