Service for hydraulic cylinders

Most of our establishments have facilities for servicing hydraulic cylinders, however our office in Kópavogur has a specialized cylinder workshop. It combines extensive knowledge and years of experience in producing new cylinders, redesign, reconstruction, as well as maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. 

Employee knowledge and experience is crucial in material selection such as heat-resistant seals and materials used for cylinders, pistons and rods. HD has serviced hydraulic jacks for all major industrial and manufacturing companies in Iceland for many years.

HD’s service to a higher level

  • New hydraulic cylinders
  • Pressure-testing of cylinders
  • Maintenance of cylinders
  • Consultancy on seal material
  • Spare part import
  • Lathe & milling of parts
  • 3D scanning
  • New cylinder design
Safe, smart, and sustainable solutions trigger increased operational security

HD Technical Service, costumers first choice

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