Your industrial maintenance partner

HD has for many years provided industrial companies in Iceland with services in steelmaking, design, consulting, new construction, and maintenance. With the continuous development of processes and solutions at HD, we now offer more orderly monitoring, monitoring and detention than previously seen at Icelandic service company. 

We create safety for our customers through efficient and cost-effective operation of the equipment, automatic-monitoring, & preventive maintenance

HD’s service to a higher level

  • Electronic condition analysis
  • Continuous monitoring of machinery
  • Remote monitoring & registration
  • Preventive maintenance process
  • Complete maintenance program
  • Specialized information technology
  • Spare parts databases
  • Maintenance service
  • Steel working
  • 3d Skönnun
  • Valves & actuators
  • Pumps
Safe, smart, and sustainable solutions trigger increased operational security

HD Technical Service, costumers first choice

HD notar vefkökur m.a. til að bæta upplifun og greina umferð um vefinn.