Products and services for fish farms

Fish farming has grown rapidly in recent years and HD employees have been working to increase the company's supply of services and products for aquaculture. The foundation of this development is on the one hand our years of cooperation with the aquaculture sector, is ok in farming and on the other hand the experience of HD employees in servicing the country's fisheries companies and hot water utilities with a wide range of solutions.

We create safety for our customers through efficient and cost-effective operation of the equipment, automatic-monitoring, & preventive maintenance

HD’s service to a higher level

  • Condition analysis
  • Pump service
  • Stainless steel pipeline
  • Technical services
  • Service contracts
  • Borehole pumps
  • Circulating pumps
  • Stainles steel pumps
  • Fishmeal equipment
  • Valves & actuators

Safe, smart, and sustainable solutions trigger increased operational security

HD Technical Service, costumers first choice

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