Machine workshop

The machine workshop provides services to fisheries and heavy industry. The workshop offers machine cleanups, repairs of pumps, gears, and other hardware. Equipment is constantly under review and renewal.

Project manager, machine workshop
Elvar Örn Svavarsson
M: +354 660 3638

Engine overhaul

HD employees have experience and expertise in all-round engine overhaul on ship main engines as well as auxiliary engines and generators. The installation, maintenance and repair of all ship hardware is a service that HD can provide with experienced people and the right equipment.

Pump repairs

HD can provide pumps from various manufacturers. HD's machine shop handles the assembly of new pumps and overhaul of used and worn pumps. 

General machine work

We serve customers with all general machine work, such as expectation and repairing Allisson automatic transmissions. 

Shaft alignment

We offer services with Easy Laser. Our employees have attended courses at easy laser headquarters in Sweden. The device is used to line up motors to pumps, gear generators and other devices that need shaft alignment.

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